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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Looks like we made it!

You guys! I thought this would never happen. Zoe has decided that Greek school is not the devil!

We had a rough start with preschool. It looked like this.

Zoe was seriously traumatized.

I thought about pulling her out and trying again when I went back to work, but the whole point of bringing her all the way to Greek school is so she can actually learn Greek. And everyone knows that early exposure to a language is the best. So she stayed.

And she cried.

A lot.

But, she's turned a corner! She decided she "didn't want to cry at school" anymore. She decided she wanted to "be happy at school". She even decided that her teachers were "nice peoples".

For three weeks when I dropped her off I would say, "Can you say kalimera?"

Kalimera means good morning in Greek.

For three weeks I got this...

Then, last week I picked her up from school and she said she had fun. I asked her about her day and she said, "I do Greek."

We started talking about Halloween and her pink kitty cat costume. I asked her what she was going to say when she was a pink kitty cat. Expecting, "meow" or "trick or treat", but instead I got...

My little γάτα

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Greeks are white

People seem to have a hard time with this concept. When it comes to race, Greeks are white. I'd love to argue that race determined by skin color makes absolutely no sense anyway, but for this story let's just ignore that.

My husband gets asked a lot about his race, but this has to be my absolute favorite of all time. 

About a cat. 

A racist cat. 

Friend: When you checked in on our cat, did you notice any strange behaviors...anything that indicated that she noticed your ethnicity?

Greek Husband: Yes, she said, "Yannos, you are white, like my owners. I understand that you come from different national heritages, but you are still white. Although I have agreed to engage in this farcical conversation, it belies the deeper issue of 'race' and 'ethnicity' being human constructs. In essence, you are all of the same species, and all of your species look the same to me." It was weird.

Friend: My husband thinks she's racist.

Greek Husband: HAH!

Friend: You're a science teacher, you're supposed to want to help me test whether or not my cat is a racist!

(and just for fun)

Friend: Also, she may have bonded with you because you're both very hairy and she likely thought you were a cat.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Princess and the Peacock

Zoe is officially Greek Orthodox. The day was perfect and now I will share all the awesomeness with you! We'll start with the most important thing obviously...decorations! Kidding, kidding. We'll start with the baptism.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful baby princess who loved water so much she bounced and pointed until someone threw her in it. She thought being naked in front of a large crowd was hilarious. She watched as kids with candles almost lit the priest on fire and thought, "Man these Greeks are silly."

She cried and pouted because it was all over

The End.

Onward to party decor! My favorite thing in the world.

It was love at first sight with these napkins

The color scheme evolved from there


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My baby kicked jet lag in the face

In the weeks before our trip to Greece, I heard multiple horror stories about how babies react to large time changes. I was prepared for the worst. A baby up for the day at 4am or not sleeping for the night until 1am or both. But Zoe was a champ. Well, first she only took four 45 minute naps on a 10 hour overnight flight and screamed every time we sat down. But then. Then she was a champ.

Here she is 6 hours after we landed. I don't understand how she was A: functioning and B: happy.

We were at a bouzouki place and it was all sorts of awesome. The music was phenomenal and the food was incredible.

The bass player was just as concerned with smoking as he was about the music.

We liked his technique of holding the cigarette.

One thing that made the 7 hour time difference a little more manageable was how late meals are in Greece. We were eating lunch at 4pm on this day. Dinner was often around 10pm. Since Zoe normally has dinner around 6pm, it was kind of like a 3 hour difference instead of 7.

My main goal was to let her sleep whenever she had the opportunity to.

A nap on daddy in the ergo

So even though she normally takes 2 naps at home, some days in Greece she took 4. Overall she was getting about 2/3 of the total sleep that she normally does. Considering that, she did a pretty fantastic job. 

I wasn't so complimentary when she cried from midnight until 5am one night, but that had more to do with the food upsetting her than the time change.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Photo Formula

Here is how you take a picture in Greece...

1. Find flowers

2. Set your aperture so the background is all fuzzy

3. Take picture

4. Repeat one million times

I need help.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm Greeker than you are


Now, in college this meant an entire week of activities for the frats and sororities. Wear your letters, collect the most canned food, make a float, win at flip cup.

Here at Life of a Greek Wife, we are celebrating our recent trip to Greece!

This means all week I will be boring entertaining you with details of our awesome trip. That's right. I said ALL WEEK. As in everyday you get to see how our vacation was way more awesome than anything you did.

It is also Greek Easter. Double Dream Hands.

Did you know there is more than one Easter? I sure didn't until I started dating a Greek. It's really Orthodox Easter, but I've never heard a Greek person acknowledge that anyone besides the Greeks are Orthodox Christian.

Yannos and I never actually use the same words to talk about the two days. I say "Greek Easter" and "Regular Easter" he says "Real Easter" and "Fake Easter". Good years are when these days coincide (I'm looking at you 2014).

With the trip to Greece the week before Easter, we're not going all out this year. Here is what happened last year.

On Saturday, make a pit. 

There is a lamb in there

 Do all sorts of gross things to the lamb that I don't want to know about

Do that until it is dark outside

The dining room is the obvious place to store your lamb

Wake up at dawn the next day

Start a fire

Spin the Souvla for years

How many Greeks does it take to carve a lamb?

The answer is 4

Eat all the gross stuff form the inside

 Pass out from exhaustion

I think they worked on this for a total of 24 hours. This is why there is no lamb on the spit this year.
I did nothing because I was super pregnant.


Kalo Pascha!