Tuesday, October 28, 2014

That Just Got Weird

Zoe ran up to a picture of an American flag on a box and declared, "THAT'S GOD BLESS AMERICA!"

Which of course led to me and Yannos singing a rousing rendition of the song.

Which OF COURSE led to Zoe's own special version...

It started off strong.

Ok. We're skipping a few words here.


Ok, not the words, but it at least makes sense.

Ummm. No. What?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Miss Manners

I made a really great meal (curried butternut squash and coconut chicken red curry, if you're curious) and Yannos licked his plate clean.

Then ALL the plates

Zoe is unphased.

Then I do something COMPLETELY NORMAL...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hot Pink in the Red Barn!

So, Yannos and I went to a lovely wedding last weekend. The weather was beautiful, the party was fun, the venue was cool, and I did the flowers!

First, check out how cool this farm is. It was so pretty.

Here is what the flowers looked like when I picked them up from Potomac Floral Wholesale, which was awesome. They were so helpful, played with the kids, loaded my car, and even offered Zoe pizza.

Hot pink, pink, and white gerbera daisies and carnations with one bunch of tiny roses for the bride. The bride's bouquet was mostly dark pink, the bridesmaid's were hot pink and pink, and the mother's carried light pink and white bouquets.

First I stripped the leaves and got them all in water

Then divided them into possible groupings.

I've never done this many bouquets before (12 total) so planning them out was key.

Even Zoe got in on the action using the old flowers from last week's baby shower after she demolished 3 pink carnations and was fired from child labor.

Some of the finished products...

Action shots...

The happy couple (I did the cute little boutonniere too, but only one for the groom).

But my favorite part was when the bride went up to the hay loft to throw her bouquet and instead of throwing it into the crowd of ladies, she threw it directly into this light...

And it exploded into a hundred pieces...

...along with my heart.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Pixar Concerns

I'm going to veer off for a minute here.

Yesterday, I saw multiple links to the new Pixar movie trailer, "Inside Out".

Here, go ahead and watch it...

It immediately struck a nerve. I even had Yannos watch it while I sat silently by with the directions, "Does anything strike you?"

He shyly replied, "...Umm...sexist?" Because I'm on a real big gender issues kick. It was a good guess since I'm usually pointing out that stuff. But no, it wasn't that.

Why, WHY, WHY is the sad emotion animated as a short, fat girl with glasses? WHY? I feel like they really had the opportunity to do something that wasn't just reinforcing all stereotypes. Joy could have been short, or had glasses, or the horror, not been thin.

It just feels so expected.

You can only be happy if you are an adorable tall woman with light colored skin.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ahoy Baby!

I had the lovely pleasure of hosting a baby shower for an old friend. The nursery theme is nautical, so naturally, I totally stole it for the shower.

Meet Pepper Octopus. He's almost as lovable as Nannerpus. Almost

The most beautiful cookies made by Lenka at Instantly in Love

Go like her Facebook page. DO IT. You won't regret it.  

The whales are spouting hearts.


After you like her page. Order some cookies. 

I'm a sucker for paper lanterns. 

You probably can't tell, but those deviled eggs are little boats with pepper sails. 
We're fancy like that. 

Wishes for the baby and messages for the parents...

Tie it all up and put it in the bottle!

Quinoa salad with endive boats

We also served Life Preservers for dessert, which were grilled pineapple rings and mini donuts. Get it? So clever. There are no pictures because Yannos and Zoe ate ALL OF THEM and they weren't even guests at the shower.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


A while ago, back when Aleko was still refusing to eat any food, we were sitting down for dinner with friends and this happened...

Yep. I totally squirted lime directly into his eye. He was not a happy camper. I don't think it helped him on his solid food journey.

But the world had his back.

I clean off the high chair with vinegar. We just keep it in a spray bottle and douse it occasionally. Well on THIS occasion, I was spraying down the chair, but I had moved it directly over the vent. When the AC switched on, I got my comeuppance...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The big ONE

Our little boy turned one year old!

Zoe requested a cake shaped like a wolf for her little brother, but I'm not that talented, so she got to pick out a plastic wolf from Michael's (thank you Michael's for having a plastic wolf).

Why a wolf? Let's just say it has to do with Halloween and we're all very excited. Zoe helped me make the cake by putting in all the ingredients and even operating the mixer. She even decorated the present she gave him!

Aleko was a happy boy as usual.

Mostly because he got to eat this box...

And this cake...(gluten free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting)

Happy Birthday little boy. We love you!