Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Being a florist

Sometimes I like to do wedding things. Creative and fun wedding things. Like decor and flowers and photography. I told you all about the time I became a wedding planner. I have also photographed a friend's wedding before and maybe I'll even tell you about that some time. But this is about the time I became a florist.

The bride was interested in succulents and deep purple dahlias. Here was a picture she sent me a year before the wedding of her brainchild.

It started with a trip to the San Francisco flower mart, which is the coolest.

Here is the bride walking away with all her goodies.

I swore that the next time I made wedding flowers I would take a ton of progress pictures in order to show how to actually make them. Guess what? It's really hard to take pictures and hold flowers at the same time.

So this is what you get. Deal with it.

Bouquet making chaos!

Bridesmaid's bouquets

Bride's bouquet


The boutonnieres were awesome, but I don't have any real pictures.

  To this day I don't actually know how to spell the word boutonniere. 

Auto correct often thinks I am talking about tambourines.

The leftover flowers made a nice little flower arrangement and were used to decorate the cake

 After the wedding I lined all the bouquets up on the ledge behind the bride and groom.

I had nothing to do with these, but aren't they cool? Nice job Andrea and Justin.

How long does it take me to edit 400+ pictures from San Francisco?

Apparently one month.


  1. Hi, I popped over after reading what you wrote on SuperNoVaMommy.com, and I just wanted to sat that these bouquets are gorgeous! I wanted red dahlias for my wedding, but they were out of season locally at the time and I wound up going with red gerbera daisies instead. You're so talented!

    1. So glad you came by and thank you so much! Yes, we were lucky that these gorgeous flowers were in season. I used red gerbera daises for the another wedding I did and they're one of my favorite flowers!