Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bum Genius Sized AIO

So far, we've used these in small and extra-small.  They are our go-to diaper bag diapers. They fit easily in the inside pockets of my bag and have been great. We had to stop using the extra smalls around 6 weeks because they were not absorbent enough anymore even though they still fit. The smalls have a pocket if need some extra oomph, but she's usually fine without. The smalls were a great for the couple of weeks that we transitioned from XS to OS. They do take a longer time to dry than many of our other diapers, but we've never had any leaks and I would love to have more.

Update - 5 months: The smalls are still fitting well.
Update - 8 months: The smalls need to be retired and the one medium we have is fitting well.

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