Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is There a Baby In There?

BY FAR, I get the most questions about the sling I wear Zoe in. Older women run up to me on our neighborhood walks wishing they had something like that when they had kids. Men stop me to talk about how cozy it must be in there. I don't think I've left the house a single time in the past 11 weeks without someone asking, "What is that?"

It's a K'tan and I love it. I wear her everywhere, for everything. Like what, you ask? Here's a list:
Shopping, walking, cooking, eating, cleaning, doing laundry, brushing my teeth, flying (she's been on three airplanes and an airport shuttle) paying bills, writing a blog, and playing Frisbee. Confused by that last one? Here's proof.

When I went through airport security at BWI, the TSA agent asked me if there was a real baby in there. You're not supposed to be allowed to wear a baby through airport security, but I guess I look trustworthy, because my answer "yes" was enough for me to be allowed to keep it on. Then all the male TSA agents at that line came over to ohh and ahh at Zoe and told me that "bad people" are taking those creepy realistic baby dolls and turning them into bombs and that's why you aren't allowed to wear a baby in a sling through security. I just thought it was funny that they were telling me all about the rule that they weren't making me follow.

I'm not the best rule follower anyways. The manufacturer recommends not using the K'tan until your baby is eight pounds. Well, I read that when Zoe was 4 weeks old and I started using it when she was a week old (around six and half pounds). I'm happy to report that she is still alive. They also say not to use the adventure position until your baby is 6 months old. When your baby is trying to break her neck to look around at things, you're going to turn her around so she can see, even if she is only 2 months old. Besides, how else was I going to play Kan Jam?

Remember when I said everything reminds me of a song. Well today when I wrote three airplanes and an airport shuttle, I immediately started singing two turntables and a microphone (thanks Beck).

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