Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let's Get It Started...

...In Here!
Thank you to the Black Eyed Peas for inspiring my first title. Very original, obviously. Can you already feel the amazingness?

Let me tell you why I am sitting here starting a blog. I lead what I would call a fairly interesting life. I have a family I love, a career I love, and a life I love. None of it is particularly spectacular to spectators (woah, check out that fancy word combination).

I didn't start a blog because I love writing or like talking about myself. I am, in fact, a terrible writer (ask my English 101 teacher, don't pay attention to my grammar or punctuation, and see made up word above) and I'm horribly embarrassed when the center of attention (I was terrified of walking down the aisle because people would be looking at me).

I started a blog because I get a lot of questions about the things that I do.
"How do you like cloth diapers?"
"Where did you get that table?"
"Tell me about your paint colors."
"What kind of camera do you use?"
"Can I have that recipe?"

It's exhausting explaining my projects over and over again, so really I started a blog because I'm lazy. Next time someone asks me about my photography/baby food/art project/wedding bouquet (insert random activity here). I can say, "Hey! Go read my blog. I am too le tired to tell you all the details." Because really, I'm super excited about all the random things that I do. I'd love to be a professional Wedding Planner Interior Decorator Photographer Artist Organizer Chef. Anyone hiring for that?

Thanks for reading! You deserve a cookie.


Answers to the questions above:
I love them.
Ethan Allen.
They're awesome.
Nikon D80.
Yes, but I didn't really follow it.


  1. I need a wedding planner interior decorator photographerartist organizer chef! Love that you are writing a blog!

  2. Ohhh fantastic. What is the pay and how are the benefits?