Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monkey Foot Designs Wetbag

I'm super happy with these. Before Zoe started solids I said they were not worth the high price tag compared to my other wetbags. I take that back now. I have tried weehuger, bummis, and planetwise wetbags and I want to trade them all in for MFD. Now that we are rinsing poop, these are the only bags that don't leak.

I got a small one during a seconds sale and a large one one sale from Hippobargains. These get a lot of raves in cloth diaper land, and before I had a baby, I didn't really get it. They are so substantial and I feel like I could use one that was full of dirty diapers as a pillow and I would never smell a thing. That may have been the grossest thing I've ever thought of. Anyways, I get it now, and I'm a big fan.

Abbreviation: MFD
Pros: durable, contains moisture and smell
Cons: price

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