Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thristies Fitted

Sized XS

These aren't produced anymore, but they were my new best friend for the first 4 weeks. Zoe screamed when we changed her at night every.time. Then one time I used one of these and she was silent. I found more of them as quickly as possible. They were so much easier at night than prefolds and snap fitteds, and I didn't have to worry about hitting her umbilical stump in the dark. We stopped using them around 4 weeks because they weren't absorbent enough.

Pros: easy, no leaks
Cons: absorbency

Duo Size 1

I had one of these initially and started using it when the extra smalls weren't absorbent enough. We liked them a lot for nighttime and ordered more.

Pros: absorbent, good fit
Cons: poor laundry tabs

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