Friday, August 26, 2011

You Know You're OCD when...

I joke about having OCD. I guess if we're going to be PC, that's not very funny. OCD is a serious problem and I'm just anal about stupid stuff. Those two things are different. Although, I'm not entirely convinced that I didn't actually have OCD when I was younger.

You color code candy before eating
Once, I had a Halloween party in middle school and I spent all day picking out an equal number of orange and brown M&Ms to put in the mummy candy dish (this was back in the olden days before you could get any color you wanted separately). I told my guests that they had to eat them in equal portions so the bowl stayed balanced. Most of the girls at my party started purposely eating only one color. We didn't stay friends.

You categorize your stickers in a file folder
Sticker collecting was huge when I was in elementary school. Remember the oily ones? Those were awesome. The thing was though, you put them in your sticker book and they were just in there willy-nilly with no organization. I couldn't live like that. As an adult I still use stickers. You think that's strange? Fine, don't be my friend then. I put them on presents, seal envelopes with them, and make birthday cards with them. Wanna see how crazy I am? Alphabetized categories.


You coordinate the Kleenex box to the room decor
My brain bleeds when the color of the box clashes with the room. The best part is, Yannos didn't even notice I was rearranging the boxes all the time to match the room until I asked him why he put a yellow box in our living room. The purple ones don't have a home in the house so I throw them away. Just kidding, they go in the car.

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  1. I still have to organize M&M's and Skittles before I can eat them. There's a reason we're friends.