Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"I like"

This is quite possibly my favorite costume so far. In 2008, Yannos was dying to go as Borat.

We typically coordinate costumes in some way, but we were having a hard time figuring out who I could be. Finally, we settled on Ali G...

Once again our trusty Goodwill trip pulled through and we found a horrible gray suit for Yannos and a blue track suit for me. Party City accessories rounded out the ensemble. Borat hair was hard to achieve, So I got a giant afro wig and trimmed it down to get the short curly fro. Yannos grew the perfect Borat mustache, but I had to work a little harder to get a goatee. All in all, we looked pretty outstanding. Booyakasha.

Actually, no one knew it was me. People I had met several times were coming to introduce themselves and asking Yannos where I was. But why were there so many sick animals in Vietnam?

Yannos was a dead ringer. He even had the Borat song on his cell phone. Very nice!