Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Babies need passports?!

That's right. Tiny humans also need official documentation. I'm so glad Yannos checked up on this one, because I am 99% sure I wouldn't have looked into it. Especially considering she's flown domestically without identification. Leaving US borders is whole different ball game.

First, baby passports are obnoxious. BOTH parents have to provide all the normal passport documentation AND have to be present with the baby in order to process the application. You can search by zip code here to find the nearest office. If you think you can just arrive there with all the paperwork, 2 parents, a baby and then be done, you are so wrong. This website is useless. Absolutely nowhere on the site does it say that you need an appointment. Or that appointments are only on weekdays between 10am and 3:30pm. Could we make it any harder? Ah yes, all the appointments were booked for the following 3 weeks.

The lady did give us the option of heading to the central post office a few miles away which is a first come first serve type of place instead of by appointment. So, we trekked over there at 4:00pm and took a number that was 21 numbers away.

Zoe was a champ sitting in the smallest waiting room known to man for 2 hours. She never made a single unhappy noise even though we were an hour past her dinner time and quickly approaching her bedtime.

My favorite part of this whole process has to be the baby passport picture. Here was our original attempt.

This is the most uncomfortable smile I've ever seen, but the real problem was the shadow and the door line. The background has to be shadow free and uniform. Yannos thought this way might work.

Any excuse to turn the baby upside down! The next day I got serious with the baby photo shoot and the outtakes are priceless.

Is this good? You told me to sit here. 

You thought giving me this toy would distract me so I would cooperate? 

Here's what I say to that!


Can the frog be in the picture too? 

No? Then no deal. 

Ok fine, I'll sit here. 

You mean I just have to look at the camera?

I can do that.

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