Friday, February 3, 2012

Food Friday

You know what doesn't taste good?

Sweet potatoes and yogurt.

For real - it was terrible. Here is how our train of thought goes when mixing baby food flavors. 

See the problem there? 
Sometimes weird combinations work and sometimes not so much. This time it was a big mistake. 

I tried to get Zoe to be enthusiastic, but she wasn't having it. 

Some of our more successful combinations are:

Yogurt with any fruit (except for raspberries - there just wasn't enough sweet to balance the plain yogurt)

Spinach with apple and/or pear
Sweet potato with juice from an orange
Chicken with apple and spinach
Curry with butternut squash and pear
Nutmeg and clove with pears and apple

Here's that last combination mixed with banana and blueberry. Because really pears and apples seemed so boring. It was quite pretty.

As if that didn't have enough ingredients. I mixed it with yogurt. It was a hit.

Last week, I said I was going to introduce mango and coconut milk. Mango went well (I love it now too) but Trader Joe's was out of coconut milk so that will have to wait. Instead I gave her some cheese. She loved cheddar and mozzarella, but she was not a fan of kefalograviera (Greek sheep's milk cheese). Zoe better work on that before we head to Greece. 

Next week, fish and coconut milk (for reals) are on the list.

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