Friday, February 10, 2012

Food Friday

So this week's goals were fish (a HUGE hit) and coconut milk (Trader Joe's is still out so instead she got cauliflower). Zoe is preferring finger foods more and more, but she's not polite about it. I will be sitting there with a spoonful of delicious puree and she will be screaming in my face and reaching toward whatever finger food is in sight. Instead of feeding her with a spoon, I've resorted to dipping toast in the puree and then feeding her that. So far, it's working.

She is also taking longer and longer to feed. Which is because of behavior like...

Straight up lounging

Staring at the floor
Shirt eating

Also included are looking at the art, staring outside, and watching her feet kick. You would think these mean she is finished. This is completely false. She will yell your face off if you try to pack up the food while she is lounging/watching/staring.

Since she hasn't been loving puree world. We've upped the finger foods. Here is a typical breakfast now.

She has the prettiest food. Blueberries, gouda, egg yolk, and puffs.

On the agenda for next week...papaya and feta (probably not together)

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