Thursday, March 8, 2012

P52 Week 10 - Be Still

We're dealing with a family emergency this week. I left the house a week ago in a frenzy and my camera was not top priority.

My Papa played basketball with me well into his 70's. He tromps around in the woods. He grows food. He shovels snow. Last summer Yannos helped him cut down a tree. Yes, I said CUT DOWN A TREE. Yannos said it was hard for him to keep up with an 82 year old.

The point is, I've never seen him sit still for more than 15 minutes unless he is sleeping. The only thing that can make him be still is the hospital bed.


  1. such a powerful photo. sending lots of prayers. love, kelly

  2. all my best wishes for your dad

    1. Thank you! It is my Grandfather, but he walked me down the aisle. I realize now that Papa is vague.

  3. Oh no. Hope everything turns out okay!

  4. Wow. Kudos to your father. Best wishes and I hope there is speedy recovery.