Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm Greeker than you are


Now, in college this meant an entire week of activities for the frats and sororities. Wear your letters, collect the most canned food, make a float, win at flip cup.

Here at Life of a Greek Wife, we are celebrating our recent trip to Greece!

This means all week I will be boring entertaining you with details of our awesome trip. That's right. I said ALL WEEK. As in everyday you get to see how our vacation was way more awesome than anything you did.

It is also Greek Easter. Double Dream Hands.

Did you know there is more than one Easter? I sure didn't until I started dating a Greek. It's really Orthodox Easter, but I've never heard a Greek person acknowledge that anyone besides the Greeks are Orthodox Christian.

Yannos and I never actually use the same words to talk about the two days. I say "Greek Easter" and "Regular Easter" he says "Real Easter" and "Fake Easter". Good years are when these days coincide (I'm looking at you 2014).

With the trip to Greece the week before Easter, we're not going all out this year. Here is what happened last year.

On Saturday, make a pit. 

There is a lamb in there

 Do all sorts of gross things to the lamb that I don't want to know about

Do that until it is dark outside

The dining room is the obvious place to store your lamb

Wake up at dawn the next day

Start a fire

Spin the Souvla for years

How many Greeks does it take to carve a lamb?

The answer is 4

Eat all the gross stuff form the inside

 Pass out from exhaustion

I think they worked on this for a total of 24 hours. This is why there is no lamb on the spit this year.
I did nothing because I was super pregnant.


Kalo Pascha!

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