Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Ode to Grandparents

Our Greece trip was filled with a lot of amazing things, but one of my favorites was watching Zoe with her Grammie (my mom) and Pappou (Yannos's dad). We missed Yiayia (Yannos's mom) but she is required to come on the next trip. Actually, now I can't imagine going on a vacation without a grandparent around. It just added so much to the trip to watch them enjoy Zoe.

I was lucky enough to catch some great moments

And Myrto captured this silly moment

And some relaxing moments

Zoe and Grammie were enjoying this sweet view from our lunch spot

And it helps that our parents enjoy each other too!

Even though this is Greek Week and Yiayia wasn't in Greece with us. Here's a picture from Greek Easter. So it counts.

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