Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Greeks are white

People seem to have a hard time with this concept. When it comes to race, Greeks are white. I'd love to argue that race determined by skin color makes absolutely no sense anyway, but for this story let's just ignore that.

My husband gets asked a lot about his race, but this has to be my absolute favorite of all time. 

About a cat. 

A racist cat. 

Friend: When you checked in on our cat, did you notice any strange behaviors...anything that indicated that she noticed your ethnicity?

Greek Husband: Yes, she said, "Yannos, you are white, like my owners. I understand that you come from different national heritages, but you are still white. Although I have agreed to engage in this farcical conversation, it belies the deeper issue of 'race' and 'ethnicity' being human constructs. In essence, you are all of the same species, and all of your species look the same to me." It was weird.

Friend: My husband thinks she's racist.

Greek Husband: HAH!

Friend: You're a science teacher, you're supposed to want to help me test whether or not my cat is a racist!

(and just for fun)

Friend: Also, she may have bonded with you because you're both very hairy and she likely thought you were a cat.


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