Monday, May 7, 2012

Guest Post

Check out my guest post today on SuperNOVAmommy!

It's causing quite a stir and my husband is FIRED UP!

Some of the feedback is negative regarding our daughter being fed some honey that was given to her on baklava without our being asked first.

and here is his response...

‎"80 people die from botulism in the US each year... 2000 die from mad cow disease (has anyone in here's baby ever eaten beef? For that matter, have YOU?). I'm not saying that this is the best example, but it was given to serve a greater point: doctor and popular advice is worth heeding, despite its ever-shifting nature (e.g. put your infants down on their stomachs or THEY WILL DIE, no, wait, on their sides, no wait, on their backs). All of us could benefit from recognizing that availability heuristics ( do exist, and that we all fall prey to them every day. Every once in a while, take some time to step back and consider what is TRULY scary vs. what you have been TOLD to fear. We spend a lot of time judging others, wondering how in the world they could "do that to their child," and this article is a wry reflection on how these behaviors sometimes come about in SPITE of our intentions. Is ANYONE innocent of occasional hypocrisy? ....... Liar!"

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