Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New words

Since Zoe was born, we have made up more words than George W and Sarah Palin combined. I keep a log of all the random names I call Zoe, and last I checked, I have used 27 different nicknames. Many of them are normal. Pumpkin. Sweetie Pie. So I'm not totally crazy. But some of them...I don't even understand.

Zo Boat
A boat made of Zoes

I tried to draw you a picture of what I see in my brain and it was really disturbing.
Coconut Baby
A coconut with a baby face. Obviously.



A unit of crawling
example: You walked 4 steps and Zoe crawled 2 scroodles.

Would you say a kid who took one step was walking? Would you say a baby who fell after moving one knee was crawling? I felt like we needed a unit equivalent to a step and Yannos found the perfect word. 

Cookies similar to snickerdoodles, but made with Zoes.

A new hybrid species. Half puppy, half bear.
Hybrids are all the rage right? Like a yorkiepoo but more awesome.

A pumpkin shaped like a monkey? A monkey that looks like a pumpkin? 

Yannos also likes to call Zoe by the names Chloe and Joey. Not sure what is going on there. He tells her that she is going to have a sister named Chloe and a brother named Joey. Pandemonium.

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