Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One = Fun?

Zoe turned 1 on Saturday. She also had a 105.2 fever. Awesome sauce. Let's do some comparisons between  June 2nd 2011 and June 2nd 2012. Ready go.


The Good: We were surrounded by people we love.

In 2011, our parents were with us soon after Zoe's birth. We had a revolving door of friends and family throughout the week.

In 2012, we had a kickin' party. I heard it was great.

The Bad: We took a drug store trip in the wee hours of the morning.

In 2011, we made a 3am drugstore run for the last of our birth supplies. Since she was 2.5 weeks early, we weren't quite prepared.

In 2012, we had to get more Tylenol for our screaming, sick child at 1am.

The Ugly: There was an abundance of crying.

Newborn babies cry a lot.

Babies with a fever of 105 cry a lot.

Parents in both situations also cry a lot.


The Good: Cake

Zoe got to stick her hands all up in a tiny cake I made just for her! (Stay tuned for more on the cake).

(Fever: 103.5 degrees)

The Bad: The hospital

In 2011, we didn't set foot in a hospital. We didn't even have to see a doctor.

In 2012, I was in the ER with Zoe from 9pm to 12:30am. Hence why I said, I "heard" our party was great. I was mostly inside trying to keep the baby happy.

The Ugly: Medical procedures

In 2011, Zoe didn't have a single medical procedure. She didn't even need to be suctioned. She was weighed and measured, and that was the only time she was even touched by someone outside of the family. 

In 2012, Zoe had to be straight-cathed in order to run a urine test. They didn't even get enough urine to run the test, which made our Saturday night ER trip and baby torture completely pointless.

  • All week we'll be discussing more fun turning one topics. Cake. Party Details. You know, normal birthday things.

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