Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh right. This is why we hate TV.

As Yannos says, "TV was made for these types of days."

We all had fevers, and the 3 of us had only slept 8 combined hours overnight. That number is usually 28.

Yannos had 102 fever, I felt like a zombie, and Zoe was crying every time the air touched her.

Oh air is always touching you? Correct. 

Since TV turns babies into zombies, it seemed like the perfect way to keep her occupied. We don't have cable, which we love, but it does make for some interesting programming. The only kids channel we get is Qubo. I guess Qubo is where kid shows go to die. I 100% love this little excerpt from their FAQs.

Q: Where did the name Qubo come from?

A: The name Qubo is a made up word.


Anyways. This show Gofrette was on. Which is a French-Canadian show from 2007.

Maybe it was the sickness, but we hated it.

We especially hated that the voice of Greta the Gorilla was a sassy black lady. Really, Canada?

Our favorite thing about watching antenna TV are the CRAZY commercials. I feel like I am watching TV from the early 90's.

Here is the new winner...


These are seriously weird. Also, these are the only things I am giving away as presents for the next year. 

The moment we turned the TV off, Zoe started crying. 1 hour of kid's TV and I already made a monster. 

Maybe she will love her bright light pillow?

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