Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Evolution

A newly talking toddler has been loads of fun. Even though "no" is still a favorite, Zoe has become a little parrot. Since I love all things Halloween, this is especially good timing. Zoe has decided to add witch, bat, and ghost to her early words -  she sure knows the way to my heart.

Pumpkin has been the most entertaining Halloween word though...

We had this problem when we went apple picking too. It was like we had actually gone to an outdoor ball pit.

In my effort to be awesome and encouraging, I usually answered with something like, "Yes, it looks like a ball but it is called a pumpkin." After 28,947 times, this became exhausting. 28,947 actually equals 5.

Then something happened. Zoe watched Yannos cut open and scoop out the pumpkin. She even stuck her hand in and ate some. See?

It was pretty obvious to her that this was no ordinary ball. So pumpkin became...

 Ball Ball! The super ball. Good enough for me.

But then, because parents are the most annoying and confusing people on Earth. We carved it. I picked out a cat because Zoe likes them, just to prove I was thinking about her. 

So now the pumpkin is called...

Sorry for the absolutely terrifying cat face. I'm going to have nightmares about that thing. 


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