Tuesday, November 27, 2012

But, you look so good!

When you have a chronic illness people like to tell you...

"But, you look so good!"

This is maybe the nicest most annoying thing in the world. Yes, if I am feeling well enough to make it out of the house and see people, then I'm probably not going to look like a truck hit me. I'm going to be wearing clothes, and I am probably even going to smile. People often equate happiness to wellness. They think - well if she is smiling and having a good time, then she must be fine.

I can smile and have a muscle spasm at the same time. I can tell a joke while not being able to see so great. Arm weakness doesn't keep me from laughing.

Now that I'm feeling so much better since my little episode in early September, I pick up on all the things I stop doing while not feeling so great. Like showering. 

Here is a guide...

1.) Am I wearing jewelry?

I just don't take the time to put my bling on when I'm not feeling good.

2.) Are my eyebrows plucked?

When I need a nap after the 2 minutes it takes to brush my teeth, I can guarantee you I'm not going to stand there to manicure my eyebrows.

3.) Is Zoe eating food that requires any effort?

Feeling ok? She can have apple slices. Quartered grapes. Maybe if she's super lucky I could even manage peeling an orange. Not feeling ok? Bananas. Blueberries. Crackers.

Ninja knife skills take a lot of energy.

4.) What is on my camera?

If I'm using a telephoto lens or a flash - that's a good sign.

So the next time I have caterpillar eyebrows and no jewelry - give me a hug.

And a puppy.

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