Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Everyone loves a little inappropriateness!

Sometimes inappropriate things happen. We've debated for months on whether we could share our stories in a non-offensive way. We'll see.

I sing to Zoe every night while I nurse her. I sing her EVERYTHING. Nursery rhymes, chart toppers, show tunes, movie soundtracks, songs I learned in 5th grade chorus. All of it. Show tunes are my favorite though, by far since I know so many musicals by heart.

But then this happened...

I was singing to her about prostitutes!

One night, as I sang her 7 songs from Les Miserables, I realized the first one had a curse word, the second was about running form the law, and the third about women of the night.

Perhaps it is time to switch to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?

But even when we stick to kid-friendly things, we can't get our mind out of the gutter. There's a book that Zoe loves, but we cannot get through it without losing it.

Does anybody else own this book?

It goes like this.

Clap hands. Dance and spin.
Open wide and pop it in.
Blow a trumpet. Bang a drum.
Wave to Daddy. Wave to Mom.

Why and why does that second line have to be there?!
We've even contemplated gluing two pages together so we don't have to read that sentence anymore.

It's kind of pathetic how immature we are sometimes.

Zoe likes to carry around the wool dryer balls from the laundry and I exclaimed...

We died laughing.

We are 13 year old boys.

Then there are the times we mean well, but say the most ridiculously inappropriate thing without even realizing.

Yannos was trying to get boogers out of Zoe's nose.

He made this brilliant tissue corkscrew that was extremely effective.

But then I heard...


  1. Ahh, thank you for my morning laugh! Your blog never disappoints! PS did you mom tell you that I saw her at Trader Joe's last week? I saw Zoe and was a total creeper and said is that zoe? if I wasn't with my baby she probably would have called the cops ;) Fun to meet you cute baby!

    1. Thanks Kassie. Yes! My mom told me all about running into you. She said you were very nice!

  2. I just burst out laughing at the last story. My husband and I are also immature children and giggle at the most innocent of comments. We're also really good for "That's what she said" comments.

    1. Glad we're not the only ones! Yes, the classic "That's what she said" gets us every time.

  3. Hi! Stumbled onto your blog and enjoy reading your funny posts. I cannot watch certain episodes of Dora, especially when they're talking about the "magic stick" and searching for caves. I'm a sicko.

    1. Thanks Sydney! We don't watch Dora yet, but I think that would do me in as well!

  4. I enjoyed this in two ways. Very funny! And, now i have company, since your mother thinks i have the sense of humor of an 8 year old. Thanks.