Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two years old!

We celebrated Zoe's second birthday on Sunday and it was perfect. Zoe can say how old she is and sing a modified version of Happy Birthday.

Just like last year, I made her a little video...

I think she has watched it 93 times so far, exclaiming things like, "Baby ride bike!" and "Baby walking!" and "Baby in water!"

Zoe immediately got attached to this bow...

Hugs for Yia yia. The baby that can go in the bathtub has not left her side since Sunday.

Zoe was VERY interested in her cake since she helped me make it for two days before she actually got to eat it. I'm surprised she made it through two rounds of singing and blowing out candles before having a slice. 

I made a blueberry-lemon-almond cake, which was gluten free and delicious.

Here are links to the recipes I used.
Blueberry filling - except I used 2 cups of fresh berries. This cake also inspired the sliced almonds.
All milk used was almond milk. 

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