Wednesday, October 2, 2013

He was a good roach...

As Yannos pointed out, this was a pretty gentle way to introduce a 2-year-old to death.

Many of you will be happy to hear, we had a pet die: Our beloved cockroach, Bee.

So, we buried him in the garden...

mmmm, cockroach carrots!

Coincidentally, we had already talked about death last week. We were watching the Lion King when Zoe announced, "That lion sleeping!"

3-week postpartum tears poured down my face, while Simba snuggled under his dead father's paw and I sobbed, "No sweetheart. That lion died."

To which Zoe happily responded with...

She totally gets it.

(Don't worry, we still have Curly. Read about our pets here)

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