Friday, October 25, 2013

"You can be a big pig too!"

Meat eating. It's a funny thing.

Chicken = chicken.

Piece of cake.

Sheep = mutton unless it's a baby and then its lamb. Cow = beef but again babies get special treatment.

Zoe can generally discern what type of animal she is eating although chicken vs. turkey gets confusing and any type of beef is just called, "MEAT."

About a month ago, Yannos asked if she wanted to eat some cow for dinner and she didn't even miss a beat.

But then she started saying we were going to eat up all sorts of animals.

"Eat the doggie up"

"Here, eat the zebra. Eat it"

The other day we went to a pig roast. I must be on a real Lion King kick because all I could think of was this...

Pork is by far her favorite thing to eat. It's her number one request for breakfast.

So I thought she'd be thrilled to have the most delicious pork ever from a pig roasted on a spit all day. Yes, complete with an apple in it's mouth!

But she just stood on a chair for an hour staring at the pig saying over and over again...

So true, little girl.

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