Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tough times

Guys. Can we take 5 minutes to woe is me and then I can move on?

This week wins. It totally beat me. I give up and I'll start again with a new week.

In exactly a 7 day time span: I couldn't move my legs for 2 days. An important person in my life died. I got an ear infection that perforated my eardrum. On our way to the funeral, blood started pouring out of my ear.

Saturday night I had some sort of MS event and I could not move my legs at all. I spent 2 full days in bed and made a quick recovery. I pushed myself hard to go to work on Tuesday and I am so glad I did because it was the last time I got to see my patient who died on Friday. More about that on Tuesday because it's important.

I was up with a screaming Aleko until 2am and then awoke at 4am to stabbing ear pain. Like someone was standing next to me with an ice pick jabbing it into my ear kind of pain.

I blew my nose and my ear exploded. I looked like a patient in an insane asylum. I was moaning, crying and rocking back and forth all the way to urgent care.

Dr. said there was blood behind my eardrum, but it would clear up with the infection.
No biggie right?


I hopped in the shower before the funeral and felt a pop. Then a whoosh. Then blood was coming out  of my ear.

This week coming up better be awesome.

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