Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The New B-Word

Have you heard? We're not allowed to use the B-word anymore. Yep, I'm not supposed to call my daughter bossy. This is terrible news. Why? Because she's BOSSY.

I'm no expert on these things, and I completely understand the goal behind Ban the Bossy, but here is my problem: What on earth do you call this?

Looks pretty overly assertive to me...

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  1. I'm so glad to hear someone else feels the same way. I commented on another blogger's post about this topic. I think the difference between being "bossy" and being "assertive" is the intentions behind it. Is the person barking orders or delegating? Our daughter's are the same age and Sophia can be incredibly bossy but not very assertive. It's a weird thing that I don't fully understand. But even though I wish she were more assertive, I still call her out on her bossiness and try to explain to her a different more tactful way to approach the situation.