Monday, March 2, 2015

8/52 Perspective

I had a surprising revelation the other day. I really don't like the winter. Or maybe THIS winter. I know this is not unique, but it was strange since I rarely complain about the weather and love the change of the seasons.

But, I am tired. Bundling and un-bundling the kids for in and out of the car...Keeping them out of the foot of piled snow by the parked car...Getting them to understand when it's appropriate to play in the snow and when it's not.

I'm often so exhausted after getting them dressed that I'm too tired to appropriately dress myself and leave with no coat on.

The wooded creek near our house is frozen and beautiful. I went there to get a new perspective on winter. The ice is powerful, but also fleeting and fragile.

If I can't enjoy the weather, at least I can appreciate the wonder.

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