Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beepbeep. BEEPBEEP.

Once upon a time, Zoe was reading a book in her room...

 Perfect! I thought. I'll go brush my teeth since she is a happy angel.

I walk 15 steps away for 2.1 minutes and return to this...

The baby turned into a tornado! Bows and dolls were swirling around her. Everything in her room was on the floor. All the clothes out of the drawer. All the books down. Tissues everywhere. It was chaos.

12 hours later, Yannos and I sit down for dinner after getting her to sleep.

Why on earth are we so miniature?! We buy our furniture from giants, obviously.

Suddenly, we hear...

I think it is Yannos's alarm clock that he accidentally set for pm. Nope.

Or maybe a text message - goodness knows I don't know what those sound like. Nope.

We wander around the house trying to figure out where the beeping is coming from.

Oh. No.

The beep is in her room.

This is a huge problem. I bet some parents would be able to sneak in and out totally unnoticed, but Zoe has some freaky 6th sense about knowing when we are trying to come into her room. The few times we've done it, she is standing in her crib the moment we even think about touching her doorknob.

Who me? Asleep? Never. I just quietly sit in here all night waiting to see if you will come in my room again.

Once her door gets shut for the night, it doesn't get touched again. There's no going in and out of her room to get something, or to watch the cute sleepy baby.

We contemplate just leaving the unknown beeping object alone. It doesn't seem to be bothering her. She hasn't made a peep after 5 minutes of constant beeping. But leaving her in there with the beeping seems totally weird.

I make the obvious choice and send Yannos in for unknown beeping object. He comes back with this...

The $0.99 Ikea clock that I didn't even know HAD an alarm.

He had to turn the light on and crawl all the way under the futon to find a clock that normally sits on the little yellow table.

Why was it all the way under the futon?

Tornado Zoe.

Tornado Zoe also managed to turn the alarm on, which was apparently set for 7:23 pm.

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