Sunday, December 2, 2012

Craft time with John and Sherry!

Saturday I went to get crafty with John and Sherry from Young House Love at the Living Social building in DC. First of all, it's a cool building. Check it...

See? Super neat.

When I am getting ready for something I'm excited about, I can't stand any distractions that might slow me down. So the day started like this...

Because, that would take 4.7 seconds and that would make me LATE.

I even put on deodorant.

I was that excited.

So now is the part where you go, "What? Isn't putting on deodorant a normal part of your daily routine?"

To which I say, "No. No, it is not." I just don't sweat that much. If you are grossed out then don't be my friend.

So, we make crafts


I take a craft break and head to the bathroom.

I get back to the room and...Bam.

The door is locked.

I knock and wait. And knock and wait. I hear laughter on the other side. I get frantic about all the fun I'm missing so I switch from knocking to pounding. No one can hear me over the hilarity of craft time with the Petersiks!

After I finally got rescued, I learned that John and I went to high school in the same area and graduated the same year, so we played the name game. Turns out he knows one of my husband's childhood friends, but the whole time I was trying not to blurt out, "I put deodorant on for you guys!"

My favorite quote of the day was when Sherry described the amount of paint to use for the ornaments as "the size of two bird poops." YES. So then all I could picture was...

Book signing involved a little Charlie's Angels action. Obviously. Are my friends the only people who did this in high school?

I'm 99% sure John would be Farrah 'Faucet'. 

You're welcome world.

But the day ended with a hug, after telling Sherry (in person) that I have MS and really appreciated her post about her aunt.

The only problem was I forgot to ask them something very important. All of my family life events have happened just a few months after the Petersiks. Getting married, having a baby, turning 30...since apparently doing something before John and Sherry isn't possible, I have a request. Can you guys add having another child to your Dude, Get On That Already list?

(See about other famous people I've encountered)


  1. How cool that you got to meet John and Sherry! A year ago they tweeted my post about making the boys into ceiling fans for Halloween and my blog had like 8,000 pageviews in a matter of hours. My claim to fame. :)

    1. Hey Dawn, thanks for stopping by - It was awesome! How did they find out about your little ceiling fans? That was great by the way.

  2. Oh my, that post had me crack up! I came over from YHL and love it! You are hilarious! I particularly love the reference to Farrah "Faucet". Total DIY name (since her name is really Fawcett), love it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I probably should have made that more obvious, but since you are the first to notice then you win a cookie!!

  3. Haha I love this post! Those drawings are awesome. And one time I did something similar with your trip to the bathroom - except I got locked INSIDE the bathroom while I was at my husband's work. That was awkward, haha. I pounded frantically on the door for a solid couple of minutes before my husband stopped laughing enough to try and get me out.

    1. Thanks Rachel! Being locked in the bathroom sounds MUCH more traumatic!

  4. I love all the drawings. And dude. They need to get on it already. The world is dying for another Petersik baby to ogle and admire!

    1. Thanks Natalie :) I know right? So far they've dodged the question, which I say is fishy. I'm rooting for a Book Tour Baby!

  5. Didn't you see Sherry's post about Clara's traumatic delivery and how it really did a number on her body and her doctor said they needed to wait for a while before they have another baby? That's why they haven't had another baby yet.