Sunday, August 21, 2011

The K'tan

So, why the K'tan and not other things? I researched a lot and decided the K'tan was the best option for me. First of all, I was having a baby in the summer. I didn't want something bulky like the structured carriers for older babies that have a huge padded insert for newborns. I also didn't want something that had a ton of extra material that was going to be wrapped around me like a mummy, because with Multiple Sclerosis, heat is not your friend.

I guess that's the first time I've mentioned Multiple Sclerosis. The fact that I have MS factors into EVERY decision I ever make. My big worry with a sling was that if I got something I had to wrap and tie around me every time I wore it, I would get exhausted quickly. To be honest, I've never tried a wrap like that, so I can't really comment on them. I figured if my arm is too weak to fold a sheet, then those types of wraps just looked too hard for me.

The K'tan is two loops connected by a band and it can be worn in many different ways, which gives your baby a lot of options depending on what is going on. I wore Zoe for the first 6 weeks in the kangaroo position, then a couple of weeks in the explore position, and now we use the adventure position when she's super alert. Check out their website for pictures and instructions.

Update: 12/2011

We walked 5 miles in NYC and Zoe was in the Ktan the entire time. She even walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

I also started wearing her more facing out like at the Old Town Alexandria Art Fair. She is an art lover obviously.

It a little modified from the position on the website because I'm more comfortable when I leave her with one arm out instead of both of them being under the sling.

I have never worn her in anything else, so I can't really compare it to any other babywearing options. It was super easy for me and very compact to carry around so it was always with me. It is sized so if you and your partner are different sizes then that may sway you to a different carrier. Yannos and I are pretty much the same size, but he had a hard time being comfortable so we'll be looking into a backpack style carrier soon for him.

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