Monday, August 22, 2011

Trust Yourself

I've been a mother for 81 days and I feel privileged to have learned an early lesson. I can trust myself. I'm sure it is something I will forget a thousand times, but for right now I'm rolling with it.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and all I wanted was to be outside. I paused for a second about taking Zoe out in the grass with the sun/mosquitoes/bees. It seems all I read are warnings about how dangerous the world is for your baby. Don't let them get a sunburn but don't use sunscreen before 6 months and don't get a mosquito bite or they'll get malaria, but bug spray gives them cancer and don't forget being allergic to bees. It's a miracle humans still exist. I got over it quickly, besides how could you ignore a day like this?

So, I got a blanket, a camera, and a book and we headed outside. 
Zoe loved the grass and would grab at it.

The book I was reading is called You Are Your Child's First Teacher. It talks about positive things you can do for your child's development and about how we try to make our babies do things too quickly and we just need to let them explore and develop at their own pace.
Then I read this sentence, "Lying outside and experiencing the interplay of the light and shadow through the leaves of a tree in the garden will delight a baby." 

Yes, there were mosquitoes AND bees, but we were delighted.

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