Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dreams, I Have Dreams

Ok, I love to tell stories about the crazy dreams I have. Let's begin with the earliest dream I remember having. Did I say dream? I meant nightmare.

Thanks to Brandi Carlile for today's song that I am reminded of. Bonus points for this video taking place in New Orleans. More bonus points for her all around awesomeness.

This is called the Michael Jackson dream and I had it EVERY time I slept in Grandmother's house. We should probably document this with some pictures. Yay! Now enter dream world.

When I was 5 I owned a yellow house

This house was only one room. It had a chimney, but no fireplace, and it had white flower boxes. I wore a 50's party dress and pearls all the time, obviously.

So, I had a party with all my friends, who were adults that I didn't know. I served pigs in a blanket on silver trays that I carried around. I don't know where the food came from because there was no kitchen in the house.

It was a lovely evening until a giant white-gloved hand popped up through the ground and started grabbing people and pulling them underground. 

After the giant hand ate half my party guests, it retreated back into the ground. 
Then there was a knock at the door. It was this guy...

He was looking for his lost glove.

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