Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween: Spooooky!

With less than 5 weeks until Halloween, the next month of posts will be dedicated to my absolute favorite holiday! Spooky is our new favorite word thanks to this song in The Book of Mormon (which was hilarious). Halloween is very important to me, I mean strangely important to me. Let me explain. I have the misfortune of being born 4 days before the tax deadline to an accountant. To make it up to me, we always celebrated my half birthday, which is in October. These parties always ended up being Halloween themed; hence the creation of my strange obsession with all things Halloween.

Let's talk about my first Halloween party. What do most 4 year old girls want to be? A princess or a cute animal, maybe a cheerleader? Here's me at my first Halloween party.

Oh the scary teeth and long nails weren't enough. I also needed my face painted, just in case you didn't understand that witches are supposed to be scary AND ugly.

Although now witches apparently look like this...

But, back to me. I was a weird child. Say someone was going to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. What would she wear?

Right, of course. 

What did I want to wear? 

Yes, the peasant outfit.


Sure if I were a normal girl. But, I wanted to wear this outfit.


I think I just really wanted to wear an apron. Actually, this is all starting to make sense. I have been hinting for years that I want an apron and I still don't own one!

Update: I now own a lovely apron thanks to our friend, Mel. Maybe I'll be a peasant this year.

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