Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's all in the name

I'm a sucker for a fantastic store name. I wish I could be creative enough to think of clever names for things. The other day we were driving and I saw this gem.

I totally love that name for a store that sells campers. It adds such magic. That name makes me want to own an RV. Fantastic job.

While in Utah about 10 years ago, I ran across a frozen yogurt shop that has a name that still makes me laugh out loud when I think about it. Yes, I am a giant dork.  I bring this up with almost everybody since I think it is so hilarious. If you have never heard me talk about it, then you obviously are not listening to me when I speak. Here's a hint.

That's right - Humphrey Yo-gart

Funny right? No? How about now?

Yannos is pretty clever with these things. He thought of a genius name for a carpet store. Only to come home and find out it was already taken. Obviously, we would have dropped everything and opened an oriental rug  store if it hadn't been used yet, because we know a lot about carpets. If we did open a carpet store, I'm 99% sure this would be part of our advertising.

Who can resist and adorable magic carpet and a cheeky monkey? On that note - Magic Carpet Ride would be the only song allowed to play in the store. No one would ever get sick of that. Oh right. The name of the store...

Carpet Diem

His other name idea is Golf of Mexico. Which is just a golf resort in Mexico. I haven't thought of advertising or theme songs for that one yet. I think it would be a super idea though.

Speaking of soup.

This little place by Emory always made me chuckle when I drove by it.

And naturally, soup lends itself to even more puns. In Cleveland, Yannos and I loved going to the Souper Market. In addition to a fun name, they also have the best soup known to man.

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  1. While it's not very clever, or creative, I think Joan would agree that Ray's Splash Planet has always sounded intriguing.