Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It starts because you want to hear Come On Eileen. 


Which reminds you of the video for Safety Dance

Then it is an hour later and you're still watching music videos from the 80's. You've entered...
the YOU TUBE SPIRAL (said with your best booming doom voice).

This is what happens to me and Yannos on a regular basis.

This one goes...Come on Eileen, Safety Dance, Take On Me (which is actually an amazing video), Karma Chameleon, Hungry Like the Wolf, Whip It, Don't You Want Me. 10 points if you can name the artists of all of those songs.

Not long after Zoe was born, Yannos sang her to sleep, but couldn't think of many songs. So he sang her toy commercials from our childhood. Puppy Surprise, Creepy Crawlers, Polly Pocket, Mall Madness etc. Then we watched videos of commercials for over an hour. Who who who's got a crush on you?!

It seems singing to Zoe has only added to the frequency with which we enter the YOU TUBE SPIRAL. 
One time, Zoe looked like this

Then I sang her Baby Beluga and she looked like this.

 I sang the first verse 6 times because it was the only part of the song I knew. Then I looked it up on You Tube and we watched Raffi videos for at least 30 minutes. Apples and Bananas, Down by the Bay, Wheels on the Bus, Shake My Sillies Out, Brush Your Teeth, and Mr. Sun. I learned 2 things.

1. Raffi is god.
B. There are a lot of animated versions of Banana Phone and this is my favorite

Which me reminds me of my all time favorite song to sing while dancing around the house! Nannerpuss!


If you can watch the Nannerpuss video without smiling then you have no soul.  But my favorite is this guy who made up the rest of the Nannerpuss song.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what the Youtube spiral is all about.

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