Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Move That Bus!

Time for the big reveal! Here is our super swanky, wonderfully gorgeous new bathroom.

Let's keep in mind. This bathroom is tiny. Our house was built in 1960. Luxurious bathrooms the size of football fields were not so much in fashion. Our goal was for it to be functional for 2 people to use without killing each other comfortably.

We originally thought a double sink would be ideal for long term couple use. But logistics weren't working too well with that idea, and it turned out not to be necessary. What really would make it user friendly was a long vanity/counter space/mirror. A longer vanity didn't fit in the original footprint. So the toilet got moved closer to the shower in order to make room for a 48" long vanity. We wanted the sink to stay in its original position for traffic flow so it wouldn't be smack in the middle of the doorway. Well, they don't make vanities with off center sinks. ENTER - KraftMaid custom cabinetry.

It's pretty gorgeous. Although it is a very unconventional layout, it works for how we need to use it. Since that was such an important component, everything else was designed around that. The bathroom is crazy narrow. So we had to keep the 18 inch depth. Bathroom counters now are usually 21 inches. This makes finding a sink to fit pretty challenging. We really enjoyed the look of a rectangular sink, which left us with all of one option that actually fit.

We also get a good look here at our granite (madura green) which I like to pet and will probably name.

Two of my favorite things about our bathroom are the niches in the shower

and the corner bench for when I'm too exhausted to stand and shower.

Who am I kidding? I'm not sure I can pick out just 2 favorite things. I'm also slightly obsessed with the floating mirror. Which is hard to get a great picture of because the good camera needs more room than the little bathroom provides.

Basically it's attached to the tile in a very cool way that Steve designed and my mom insisted on.  So, you can see more of the tile behind the mirror and it looks much more modern than just having the mirror flat on the wall.  And here's what it actually looks like with all our junk.

And here's the view into the bathroom. Check out the frameless sliding doors and our relocated toilet.

There you have it. The prettiest bathroom ever. See the before and during here.

And since pictures are the best. Let's do some side by sides. 

Looking into the bathroom from the bedroom

Looking at the shower

Again, here is the Pinterest board, which has links to most of the supplies. Basically it is a magical bathroom.

Oh, and two things you can't see that we love. The shower light is on a dimmer switch so you don't have to have crazy lights in your face for morning shower time. AND. There are wooden blocks behind the shower wall for safety grab bars when if someone needs them.

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