Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greeting card notebook

First off... 

Sadly, we are not in New Orleans right now. I've missed about 5 since I was born, and when I'm not there, I get really sad. I eat Popeyes and listen to Mardi Gras Mambo. Make king cake and watch the parade web-cam. Maybe this dog we saw last year at Lundi Gras will cheer me up.

Nope, he looks as sad as I am.

Ok folks, now that I'm done crying, let's move on. A picture of a wedding card book from something turquoise has been floating around Pinterest (follow me for loads of fun).

The picture doesn't seem to link to the project. So I just made one of my own. Here we go...

We have a whole bunch of cards from Zoe's baby shower and birth sitting on a shelf in her room. These are some of the loveliest cards I've ever seen with incredibly heartfelt messages. I'm not one for keeping a bunch of stuff, but I can't part with these. How to store them was puzzling me. Enter the greeting card notebook.

We recently remodeled our bathroom so we no longer have a shower curtain. For some reason I couldn't part with the rings (weirdo). So I grabbed one of those.

I cut the front and back pages out of cardstock to be a little larger than the largest greeting card

 I got my fancy gold letters out

I cut them out for spacing

I took two of these...

...the back cover, ribbon, and a hammer into the laundry room

(I really enjoyed that there was an "x" marked on the floor. Totally random and I hadn't ever noticed it before)
Placed the eyelet setting tool on the ground

Put the eyelet on top of it

Put the back cover and ribbon on top of the eyelet, then the eyelet bit on top of that and hammer


Punched holes in everything and put it all on the ring

Tied it all up!

 Cherish forever

This took me less than 30 minutes after I had all the supplies in one place. We already owned everything used here, but you will need:
Eyelet setting tools
Stickers (optional)


  1. Gorgeous! I really need to get myself one of those eyelet tools, such a good idea :)

    1. Thanks Tamsyn! It was super easy too. Eyelet tools are great to get out some aggression :)