Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OCD or Awesome?

Can a baby be OCD? I'm pretty sure the technical answer is "no". But, I'm also pretty sure my baby is 100% crazy OCD. That, or she is super smart. I know, I know. Everyone's baby is the smartest.

That is why I'm leaning towards crazy. Here's the deal.

Zoe is happiest when there are two of the same objects in each hand.

This goes for anything she plays with. If she can have two of the exact same thing, then she is a happy girl.

If there is only one, then she loses interest quickly.

If, god forbid, the two things are different...

Ok, she doesn't actually cry. She just throws one or both of the items on the floor and then finds matching things. On this day, she dug through a laundry basket for 10 minutes until she found 2 washcloths.

Here she is with cubes

And rectangles

And Easter eggs

And plastic art holder thingies

I mean LOOK how happy she is. Now, we don't go around handing her two of the same things. She digs through her block basket/toy box/laundry basket until she finds two of the exact same thing. Only then can she go about her merry way.

She also holds onto both sides of her high chair, or carseat, or stroller. Both her hands have to be touching the same thing. If she can't reach both sides of something, like when she is in a door frame trying to touch both sides...

she goes back and forth touching one at a time while looking longingly across as the other side.

Go go gadget arm.

See? Totally crazy pants. Just like Mommy.

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