Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nail and String = Love

Wedding season is starting, and kicked off this weekend with a lovely bridal shower for my dear friend.

Here is the present I made for her. She lives in San Francisco in case you were confused. 

First I bought a piece of scrap wood and carpet tacks.
I liked the size, color, and shape irregularity of carpet tacks. You can use any nail with wide head, but keep the depth of the board in mind when selecting nail length.

Then  I printed an outline of California and placed a heart sticker I had where San Francisco is. I nailed down the corners of the state to keep the paper in place and to make sure we got nails in place at key points for the shape of the state. 

Then we just nailed right through the paper on the outline all the way around. And by "we" I mean Yannos. 

After the nail outline was done, I ripped the paper off and started weaving the thread. I just went from the outline nail to the closest heart nail all the way around. 

Then I used a different color thread to crisscross willy-nilly inside the heart.

Presto change-o! Nails and string = lovely art present.

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