Friday, August 17, 2012

Banana Antics

I have a quick food related story for this Food Friday.

First let me show you the teeth Zoe currently has.

If it looks weird to you - that's because it is. It is totally weird and she is a vampire. She has 3 bottom teeth and 2 crazy top teeth.

So, I'm sitting at a La Leche League meeting talking about normal mom things.

Zoe is wandering around the room. Stealing toys from the younger babies, spilling yogurt melts all over the floor, filling her mouth with water and spitting it out, climbing on stacked tables.

I watch her do all of these things, intervening when needed, but mostly letting her run around.

I take my eyes off of her for 10 seconds and when I look back down, this is what I find.

The bottom quarter of an unpeeled banana is missing.

I found it in her mouth.

She bit right through the peel.

How did she even do that with her weird vampire snaggle teeth?

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