Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The worst, best trip

Oh San Francisco. Thanks for being the hardest trip we've taken in Zoe's 14 month existence. Do I need to remind you that we have flown this child on a 10 hour trans-Atlantic flight, done a 7-hour time change for only a week, and driven on a 1600 mile road trip?

But this trip to San Fran has all three of us in tears and saying we will never fly anywhere with the baby ever again.

No time soon at least. Right now we're baby shell-shocked. Parents know what this means. When you listen to your child cry and scream all day; even after they calm down, every noise they make terrifies you.

You think a coo is going to turn into an hour of screaming, a cough sends you into a panic. You hear phantom babies crying all over the place.

One time, Yannos accused me of only posting pictures of Zoe when she is adorably happy. This will not be one of those times. The truth is she is a pretty happy baby. Not that anyone on our 4 flights or in the state of California would believe that sentence.

Exhibit A

She spent most of the trip rolling around on the ground screaming. If not that, she was following Yannos around throwing things at him. Notice, I didn't include myself. I was off gallivanting with the bride doing fun wedding related things.

But Yannos, poor Yannos, was stuck with this...

Even when not crying, she never really looked that happy

Oh back to crying

Actually, that one isn't really fair. Apparently the baby gets carsick on winding mountain roads. She puked all over the place. I had no change of clothes for her and nothing to clean it up with. So, instead of enjoying this view off of Rt. 1

I was shoveling grape and potato puke out of the car with my hands. It was awesome. At least this time, she didn't throw up as a direct result of something I did to her.

Yannos couldn't even attend the wedding we flew to the west coast for. He had to sit in the hallway because of our crazy screaming baby.

See that patented Zoe back arch? Sums up the whole trip.

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