Tuesday, October 16, 2012

With Friends Like These...

It's time for the bike ride update!

On September 29th, the MS society held their first Bike to Bordeaux in Maryland. The course had 3 options: 15 miles, 36 miles, or 61 miles. Yannos and seven of our friends each rode somewhere between 31 and 67 miles. Oh. those numbers don't match the courses? Stay tuned for the explanation.

First of all, the team raised $3,302.00! Yannos and Neil were top fundraisers for the event. They got special parking, car decorations, and a free bottle of wine. Here's the proof.

We sat at the finish line for hours, anxiously awaiting everyone's arrival. Here was our view.

I know, poor us.
Too bad the weather wasn't perfect.

Laura sneaked in behind us. She had a flat tire toward the end of the ride, hence the 31 miles instead of the 36. Do not tell her she went 30 miles because you will get corrected!

Matt also did the the 36 mile course, so he came flying over the finish line pretty early.

In his quest to go as fast as possible, Chris teamed up with an intense biker and showed up surprisingly early. They got lost and went extra miles, so they rode more than 61.

Then we had about a 2 hour wait and Zoe had her first piece of candy. Because that detail is just as important as raising 3k dollars.

After 61 miles and 4 hours 38 minutes of riding, we saw the boys turn the corner! 

  Expert medal grab

 Neil wins the intensity game

Jon wins the best shirt contest

I'm not sure why I started handing out superlatives, but Colin gets best sunglasses.

Zoe was ready for some daddy hugs

Good work, team!

They had to walk up this ginormous hill after the finish line. So unfriendly.

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