Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Speaking of bugs

Since I talked about our new roach pets last week, I thought we'd talk a little more about bugs. 
Because you know, everyone loves bugs. 

I can attribute the biggest decrease in my fear of bugs to the crazy things that live in Peru. When I was a senior in college, I took a tropical ecology class. Two credits were lecture and two credits were spending a week in the Amazon rain forest. No-brainer. Who doesn't want to spend a week in the rain forest?! 

But here's how lecture went.

This is a Phoneutria...

It is the world's most venomous spider. They are everywhere and we will be too remote to get anti-venom in time. Don't let it bite you. Oh, and by everywhere, we mean in the rooms that you will be sleeping in. 

This is a bushmaster snake...

Even a bite from a baby can kill you. Good news is they are pretty rare so you're probably good on that front. However, the fer-de-lance snake is hanging from every tree and it's venom causes paralysis. Good luck with that. 

This is a bullet ant...

YAY! These can't kill you! But they are considered to have the most painful stings in world, which is comparable to being shot (hence the name). 

You will be covered in no less than 4.7 million mosquito bites, but don't worry about yellow fever because you got 13 shots before you left. 

Spiders the size of your hand will sit next to the bowl you brush your teeth in and underneath the toilet seat you have to sit on. The good news is, you might not even know they are there because there is no electricity and your flashlight batteries will corrode from the humidity leaving you no light at all. 

Oh wait, that doesn't make you feel better? 

Yes, that is a spider devouring a 5-inch long grasshopper. 

Basically, after a slightly terrifying week in the most remote part of the Amazon jungle, I was desensitized. 

Tiny, harmless American spider? I don't really want you in my house, but I'm capable of catching you and bringing you outside. 

Who still wants to go to the Peruvian rain forest? 

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