Monday, March 18, 2013

Art Show Craziness! (part 1)

On January 17th 2013 we went to our dear friend's art gallery opening. Check out his amazingness here.

While our artist friend was in Italy, we got to babysit this masterpiece.

We had it in our house for 2 years and we kind of got attached to it. We talked about buying it, but it was out of our budget. Then he needed it back to put in the show. Sad panda.

I was looking forward to the opening so I could visit the painting. In my head it went like this...

We'd talk about old times and how we'd never forget each other. Then someone would probably buy him and I'd have to pretend to befriend this stranger so I could visit my painting. It was very elaborate. 

But then, we got there and he was nowhere to be found! Yannos told me that it had already sold, so I sadly roamed the other galleries. The in-laws corralled me back into the exhibit and encouraged me to read the labels of some other paintings. 

This is not how I look at art. I walk by it quickly, deciding in .47 seconds if I like it or not. I don't wonder what it is titled or what materials were used. You art people might think that's strange. I know 0% about art and painting, so learning that something is acrylic and jelly beans on fleece canvas means nothing to me. I either like it or I don't and then I move along. 

So I'm sitting here reading this label..."Helios"

"Ok" I say, "It says sun."

Was this a Greek vocab test? If so, Helios is a pretty easy one, guys. 

They encourage me to keep reading, everyone is gathered around me, acting weird and smiling too much.  

Disclaimer: Actual painting much better than my terrible paint interpretation

Finally, I see it...

From the collection of Ashley and Yannos. 

It was apparently our painting, but I had never seen it before. I was so confused. Where was my bird painting and why did we own this one now? 

I borderline yelled, "Why is everyone in my space!"

Then, I burst into tears. That's right BURST INTO TEARS. 

And that's how I knew I was pregnant. 

See the conclusion to this story here...Art Show Part 2


  1. Oh my gosh how exciting! A painting and a baby ;) I hope you've been feeling ok....those early weeks can be rough. Xx

    1. Yeah Kassie, I definitely have NOT been feeling OK!