Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Anti Fools

In my heart, I love the idea of April Fool's jokes. An entire day dedicated to hilarious pranks? Sounds amazing.

In my brain, I just can't get behind it. I have a memory as a child...

Nobody remembers what happened after that, but I was apparently so upset that I never played an April Fool's joke again.

My mom was also traumatized by the one and only prank she ever played.

She put a plastic snake on a teacher's purse. Funny right?

Only the teacher was deathly afraid of snakes. Whoops.

So where did this day of pranks come from? I was surprised to learn it's pretty old and very widespread.

Even seemingly benign things concern me. My friend posted this picture of a prank she saw...

Seems harmless and Post-It notes are hilarious.

But, what if that person had an emergency? Or was running late to an important appointment?

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