Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Sunglasses

Zoe is getting a little intense.

Lately when she wakes up, before she even asks to get out of the crib, she has concocted a plan.

Normally I can explain..."Grammie is at work, Daddy is at work, I don't hear any helicopters right now."

But the past week, if I can't make that request happen in .4 seconds, we enter atomic meltdown.

Her tantrums used to last a max of 5 minutes. Like a raccoon, she'd see something shiny and move on.


45 minutes.

FORTY-FIVE MINUTES of screaming at the top of her lungs. She gets incoherent. Nothing I say or do matters. She starts pulling on me and hitting. It's chaos.

Yesterday, after I calmed her down from a 30 minute cry-fest because I couldn't teleport her from the crib to the neighbor's swing, we walked hand in hand around the block.

Things were going well. She heard hammering and was super interested, so we went to check it out.

Ah, a dude re-doing some stairs.

He waved.

Zoe waved.

Then she started screaming...

When I told her that he had to wear the glasses to protect his eyes, she quietly said, "Yes."

I thought I was in the clear. Then, she frantically started screaming, "NO SUNGLASSES" over and over again. I dragged her inside kicking and screaming where she cried for another 30 minutes.

I guess his hot pink mirrored sunglasses were a little too intense for Zoe.

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