Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cribs, locks, and contractions!

Sometimes people disappear. Remember how we were in the middle of Beach Week 2013 and then all the beach updates just magically stopped? Here's why...

Zoe learned a lot on vacation. One thing being how to consistently climb out of her pack and play. We were hoping this wouldn't carry over to home, but it did. The crib is a little bit higher, so we felt like the problem needed to be addressed. 

Zoe decided...

We had no plan. No plan is a bad plan for things like this. 

The first night, we were totally tricked. We put her to sleep and she woke up the next morning as if nothing had happened. Too good to be true? You betcha. (Can anyone say "you betcha" without giggling about Sarah Palin?)

She also learned how to open doors. So this was happening...

We'd be cleaning up from dinner and she would just be quietly standing in the doorway psychotically smiling like we were in some horror movie. Or, she'd do this...

It was creepy. 

And not the safest to have a two year old roaming around the house at all hours. She is also a stealth ninja, so she was hard to hear. 

We discussed our options. Gate the doorway? She can climb over it. Just put her back in bed every time until she learned? What if she decided to silently wander downstairs and eat staples. Lock the door? It seemed like our only option since we had no plan. 

So we started locking her in her room, and it feels like the meanest thing I've ever done. But the best part is, she doesn't even care. She tries the knob and then moves onto something else (playing, jumping, reading, sleeping: sleeping is the last resort). 

All of this unfortunately coincided with another issue. I've been having consistent contractions that were a little concerning at only 30 weeks pregnant. That's too early for babies. Nursing Zoe was making them a gazillion times more severe, and I was advised to stop (more on that another time). 

So I did. 

On the same day we took her crib apart. 

Did you see that part about having no plan? 

But, weaning didn't stop the contractions, and one night they were so painful that they woke me up and I felt nauseous. So we spent all night in Labor and Delivery with me having contraction 5 minutes apart. Let me just say, Labor and Delivery is probably a scary place for any woman who is only 31 weeks pregnant, but it is a terrifying place for a woman who gave birth at home. 

So, our world was turned a little upside down and that's why Beach Week 2013 was disrupted. Now that you are all filled in, we can get back to it! 


  1. Glad for the update...and glad you're back home w/o baby #2 in the world yet. I love the recap and pics of Zoe....cracking up at imagining her surprising you guys. Good luck with it all!

    1. Yes, as excited as we are to meet him, he can wait. Thanks!

  2. I like the stick baby belly and preggy pillow. Those are cracking me up! Sorry to hear about early contractions!